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Float Therapy

Float Therapy

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Float Therapy Benefits:

  • Enhanced relaxation and stress relief
  • Improved mental clarity and focus
  • Muscle recovery and pain relief
  • Boosted sleep quality

Service Description: 

Relieve stress and improve sleep with Float Therapy. Our specially designed float rooms, filled with Epsom salt water, provide a unique experience where you effortlessly float, free from gravity's pull. This 75-minute session, inclusive of pre and post-float showers, offers you a tranquil escape, aiding in stress relief, mental clarity, and physical rejuvenation.

Service Length: 75 minutes (including 15 minutes each for pre and post-float showers)

    How to Prepare: Avoid shaving or consuming caffeine before the session. Eat a light meal and engage in relaxing activities. We provide all essentials; bring personal items for post-float comfort if desired.

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        Float Therapy FAQs

        What is Flotation Therapy?

        Float therapy, or sensory deprivation therapy, involves lying in a specialized room filled with water infused with a high concentration of Epsom salt. This solution creates buoyancy, allowing you to float effortlessly. The environment is designed to minimize sensory input – the water and air are set to skin temperature, and the space is sound-proof and often dark. This setting reduces external stimuli to the body and brain, allowing for deep relaxation and meditation.

        What are the benefits of Float Therapy?

        Float therapy offers several benefits, including stress reduction, relief from chronic pain, decreased anxiety and depression symptoms, improved sleep, and enhanced concentration and creativity.

        What should I bring?

        Just bring yourself! We provide everything you need - towels, ear plugs, and toiletries. Most clients prefer floating nude for a distraction-free experience, but swimwear is welcome should you choose!

        How should I prepare?

        Skip the shave or wax and say no to caffeine for an irritation-free, relaxed session. We recommend a light meal or snack to prevent any digestion discomfort during the float. Any pre-float relaxation activity can also setup your mind-blowing experience ahead.

        How frequently should I float?

        While benefits are noticeable from just one session, regular floating (about once a week) is recommended for cumulative mental, physical, and spiritual health benefits. Consider our packages or memberships for regular sessions at a discounted rate.

        What's the experience like?

        Our water cleanliness is top-notch. It undergoes recirculation at least six times between each float, passing through a 5 to 10-micron particulate filter three times, and then treated with a germicidal UV lamp, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide. Plus, the high salt concentration naturally makes it inhospitable to bacteria.

        How do float rooms deliver benefits over tanks or pods?

        Our Float Rooms offer enhanced space, including a generous opening door for easy access. This makes it more approachable for those with limited mobility. Our advanced heating system minimizes humidity and condensation which can be a disturbance during the session. Altogether, our Float Rooms demand less from your senses, thus taking you closer to profound relaxation.

        Can I float if I’m menstruating or pregnant?

        Yes to both, with necessary precautions. We recommend following the same protocol as you would for a swimming pool while menstruating. If you're pregnant, float therapy can alleviate many discomforts, but always seek approval from your physician or midwife first

        If I have recently dyed my hair or had a spray tan, can I float?

        After hair color treatments or spray tans, you should wait until your shower water runs clear. This protects your treatment and preserves our tank water

        Can I wear contacts during the float session?

        Contacts can lead to discomfort if saltwater enters your eyes. We recommend removing them before your float session and bringing your contact lens case and solution.

        What if I am claustrophobic?

        Our rooms are spacious, assuaging any sensation of being claustrophobic. Remember, you can keep the room lights on if it makes you more comfortable, or open the glass door whenever you wish. Once your eyes are closed, it feels more like floating in an endless space than in a confined room.

        What would the salt do to my hair and skin?

        The Epsom salt solution leaves your skin and hair intensely nourished and your skin silky smooth, albeit without any pruney, waterlogged sensation. It's like walking out of a spa.

        What should I do if I can't float for the whole time?

        You are in total control of your float. There are no latches on the float rooms, and you can get out anytime you wish. That said, the 60-minute session often flies by faster than you’d expect.

        What should I do after my float session?

        Relax in our Quiet Center lounge, enjoy our organic tea bar, and unwind in plush reclining chairs.